Samsung Instinct

Hi there, as a first post, I wanted to talk about a new phone. As some of you may know; Samsung Instinct Touchscreen cellphone was released last month; and has a lot of interesting features.
Samsung Instinct

It actually looks very similar to iPhone, however it also has many other features like
*integrated GPS with voice directions(no extra fee!)
*a 2 MP camera with 2x digital zoom which takes surprisingly good photos as far as I have read on the net
*3G network access
*television service
*speech recognition
*threaded text messaging
*faster web browsing than most of the smartphones
*comes with a spare battery and 2 GB MicroSD card
..and all this for just $129!(with 2 year Sprint contract) Actually it was $199 at some point if I remember correctly, however after Apple has announced that it will heavily subsidize the price of the iPhone, they had to take counter action.
Samsung Instinct
Since iPhone lacks features like, GPS navigation and speech recognition, it is a pretty good alternative and competitor to it. However, it lacks some pretty important things as well such as Wi-Fi. I think this is totally unacceptable. They have to make it better and get a new version out. It also lacks 3rd party application development, so I personally would skip it.

Moreover, it is only better over the old iPhone. iPhone 3G is coming out soon and will have many new features. In the next iPhone update coming on July 11, phones will get BlackBerry-like "push" email, calendar, and contact access through Microsoft’s ActiveSync software; Cisco VPN support; more wi-fi security options; and the ability to "wipe" an iPhone — get rid of all its data — remotely, an important security feature. Let’s wait to see how things turn out…


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