Java IDEs

Recently, I needed to head out into the Java environment to write servlets, jsps, and JME applications for a project that I am enrolled in at my internship. So I looked up for IDEs(integrated development environment) to work with. I have used Eclipse and NetBeans until now and I think NetBeans is the best based on my experience and the articles that I have read on the internet. I really don’t know why Eclipse is known around so much better than NetBeans. The NetBeans IDE comes with sample applications for EJB, UML, JSF. And also you can develop JSF applications visually with the editor.

The NetBeans people think that what’s really important is developer productivity and that is consistent with my view. Apart from being a little slower than Eclipse at start-up, and a smaller number of plugins than Eclipse, the NetBeans IDE is great. For Java SE, Eclipse could still be used. But if you are going to venture outside of it and need a tool that does it all -creating GUIs, mobile development, and web development- then NetBeans should be on your list.

Actually I have used another Eclipse-based IDE before, the Carbide.c++. It is an IDE for writing C++ applications for the Symbian platform. It was not without pain however. I really disliked the IDE since it had many problems, writing comments in a foreign language(at least my native language) seemed to break down the whole project, and cause compiling errors that are really hard to solve. Actually, even only having my keyboard language as Turkish, seemed to cause problems. I had to create a virtual machine with all settings(such as regional settings) and keyboard layout set to English just to compile sample projects!(I was able to compile them from command-line before though) Nevertheless, I don’t have a choice but to continue using it since development on CodeWarrior has stopped. Anyway, let’s hope that it will get better in time.

Going back to the first discussion; I know there must be many other IDEs out there. My favorite is NetBeans for now. What about you? Is there one that you can recommend? In time, I think I will try out other IDEs that are developed by IBM, Oracle, and Borland, if they have a trial version available.

By the way, NetBeans 6.1 just got released today! It provides Javascript support now. Take a look below for the languages it supports.

NetBeans 6.1

NetBeans Supported Technologies

Ajax | C/C++ | Databases | Debugger | Desktop | Editor | GUI Builder | Java EE | Java ME | Java SE | JavaScript | Mobile | PHP | Profiler | Refactor REST | Rich Client Platform | Ruby | SOA | SOAP | UML | Web | WSDL | XML

For the version 6.5 there is a beta test program available.

To apply for this program visit: here and fill out the form. They will inform you of your un/acceptance.

Actually the program is called NetBeans IDE 6.5 Community Acceptance Testing program.

Program website


I believe that python support is soon to be coming through.

Visual Studio is actually my favorite IDE for developing .NET applications, however for developing Java applications it seems like I would be sticking to NetBeans for some time.


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