Windows Mobile 6.1

From Wikipedia:
"Windows Mobile is a compact operating system combined with a suite of basic applications for mobile devices based on the Microsoft Win32 API. Devices that run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computers for certain automobiles. It is designed to be somewhat similar to desktop versions of Windows, feature-wise and aesthetically. Additionally, third-party software development is available for Windows Mobile."

The new features in WM 6.1 includes:

* Instant messaging-like texting(threaded SMS as in Samsung Instinct or like Nokia Conversation app)
* Improved Internet browsing
* Simpler e-mail and Bluetooth setup
* New Home screen interface (as always done in a new version)
* New Getting Started Center
* Security enhancements
* Easier Wi-Fi connection
* More personal choice
* Full page zooming in IE
* and ‘Domain Enroll’. Domain Enroll enables you to connect the device to System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, a product to manage mobile devices.,

So; generally, these are minor differences. It is also possible to upgrade a WM 6.0 smartphone to 6.1.

The next major upgrade for Windows Mobile(7.0) is expected to go live in the 2nd half of 2009. It is rumored that it will provide multi-touch like the iPhone and an accelerometer as in both N95 and in iPhone.(though the iPhone’s is much stable as far as I have seen) The UI will also get an upgrade as always. The codename for this release is ‘Photon’.


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