Some thoughts about Google Chrome

Google Chrome 

As everyone knows, Google released its own browser tuesday. I was among the first to download and test it, though apparently I am among the last to blog about it πŸ™‚ I was quite busy.

Google Chrome is an extremely minimal yet highly functional web browser. It achieves a pretty good balance between these two.  While I was reading the comic book that the Google provided (and yes, I read all of it without getting bored πŸ™‚ ) I began to realize how great ideas they were!

Actually, the idea of having a separate process for every tab has been in my mind for quite a long time now. I have always wondered why they did not implement it like that after every time Firefox crashes because of some nasty bug(in the JavaScript code probably) that exist in only one of the tabs(out of 80 πŸ™‚ ). The idea of having search and regular URL functionality being in the same place(the so-called ‘omnibox’) had also crossed my mind before; after all, I am only using Google a really large percentage of the time.

Chrome JavaScript Benchmark
Chrome JavaScript Benchmark

As you can see, Chrome’s JavaScript engine, V8, also slams other major browsers’ performance in JavaScript.

You can have a look at this site for some of the features of Chrome.

and here for some tips! I advise you to look at this one; even I didn’t know one or two of these πŸ™‚

One more thing, it also automatically and intelligently creates search engines based on the sites you visit; you can edit their keywords by just right clicking the ‘omnibox’ and selecting ‘Edit Search Engines‘.

Thus, Chrome is full of smart features which some of them inspired from other browsers, however there are also things that it lacks. To exemplify, there is no full-screen mode; though you may say, why need one? It is almost as if it is full screen when you maximize it, since it uses so little of the screen real estate.(That is why it is minimal after all) Other examples could be, no way to magnify the page, no bookmarks organization screen, no RSS(though I have actually read somewhere that it is included in the next update).

It also does not support ActiveX, which is not that much surprising, but many websites including enterprise ones still use ActiveX. I was also not able to load Gmail or any other Google service that requires authentication at work. Probably because of Chrome not coping with our company’s proxy or something.

Thus, it seems like Google has some work to do to get Chrome usable in a corporate environment.

Give it a week or two. It will be better.. πŸ™‚

It actually replaced Safari on my system. I was using that browser when I don’t really need plug-ins but just blazin’ fast speed!

According to MarketShare; Chrome’s share of the browser market is around %1 right now; which is quite good since it is a really, really new browser.

Not everything is bright as sparks however, as Chrome has a security vulnerability. It is known as "carpet-bombing". This is not a problem with Chrome however, it is a flaw in the underlying rendering engine behing Chrome, the Windows port of the OpenSource WebKit rendering engine. Safari had this flaw in its older versions too, but it is fixed now in its latest version by using a later version of WebKit that does not have this flaw. Google will probably fix it very soon though.

There were also some issues about privacy too.. The previous EULA allowed Chrome to access anything that the user types into its ‘omnibox’ and even record some of this along with the IP address. However, Google seems to have changed it now.

You may say that this is outrageous; but since Chrome is open-source(well actually Chrome is the Google branded version, Chromium is the open source one) you can actually build another one without all these privacy problems.

There is also no portable version of Chrome at this point; however some guys seem to have done it here. Though I would recommend waiting for the official version.

To get the bleeding-edge version of Chrome, have look at here.

Wanna disable JavaScript in Chrome? Launch Chrome with the parameter -disable-javascript.

Some other parameters you could try are:



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