My internship coming to an end…

My internship at Turkcell Teknoloji, the R&D firm of the Turkey’s leading mobile phone operator, Turkcell is ending this Friday…

Turkcell Teknoloji

I don’t know if I will be continuing as a part-time employee here and I haven’t been proposed any official offer about that yet. Actually there were some talks among the team, however my school not giving me enough time to continue them both prevented me from saying something concrete about my decision whether to stay or not. Uh, well, I wanted to take some master level courses; I guess I am to be blamed.

All things considered, It was pretty productive here; and for the most part of the internship period; my learning was quite efficient.(blame those billiards and ping pong for the last week! πŸ™‚ )

The great atmosphere here led me to learn about a lot of topics;

Including but not limited to:

  • Java

I had basic knowledge about it when I started here, though I rapidly advanced as C# and Java are quite resemblant of each other.

  • Oracle Internals

From start to end, many advanced topics were discussed and we had daily training. (from the previous years’ interns mostly(now full-time employees) ) The main focus was on the Oracle Concepts Guide and we finished it; however there were also many seminars that were outside the scope of this book and many of the trainers also utilized Tom Kyte’s blog and his books.

There were also many interactive experience seminars, in which employees working here talked about and shared their views and visions about their life, the industry and us.

During my internship I have done;

  • A project about GPS coordinates having mobile clients in both Windows Mobile(implemented with the .NET framework) and Symbian(implemented with JME), a servlet handling the requests, and Oracle 10g XE as the database solution and a GUI for the data gathered using Oracle ApEx. It also works with external Bluetooth GPS devices. (sorry, can’t give any specific details about this one)
  • Prepared many documents for the product including functional specification, technical design, operation & maintenance documents, release notes, user manuals
  • Deployment of the product to a test server on OpenSUSE and setting up the necessary environment(setting up the database, servlet container, necessary environment variables etc.)
  • Learned about the GSM standard
  • Research about many topics(also creating a report about them) and feasibility analysis of possible upcoming projects
  • Presented demo applications in a seminar about Mobile Application Development using JME, .NET CF, and Symbian C++
  • Prepared a demo application in JME for an upcoming project
  • An Outlook Mail Export application (using the Outlook Object Model COM object)
  • A screen recording application that records the selected portions of the screen using the Xvid codec, Video for Windows and WinAPI to an AVI file
  • Research about DirectShow and its filters (An application is in the development stage at the moment actually; though I doubt it will be ready by Friday)
  • Research about RTP, RTSP, and RTCP
  • Research about Microsoft Office Object Model and Microsoft Office Document Formats for a potential upcoming application
  • Research about Symbian and Windows Mobile call control capabilities
  • An application that reads data from the excel files(using the Excel Object Model COM object) and searches for files containing the read data in a network location, including the content of the zip files
  • Taught Java to an intern here (I was learning at the same time πŸ™‚ )
  • Joined an Open Source project – The Isola Framework
  • Research about the internal structure of an SMS
  • Implemented a JME application that listens for SMSs on a specific port and then runs the associated application upon SMS receival automatically
  • Helped out an intern make an mp3 player application (well, a basic one)
  • .. and also as a side project I started working on an ASP. NET web site

My first project got sold for 10.000 U.S. $ by the way πŸ™‚ It was quite an honor for me.

Not everything was about working though; as we had many parties, played LAN games (outside working hours of course πŸ™‚ ), watched films together, played billiards and ping pong! I hear that PS and Nintendo Wii are also coming very soon; though I guess we won’t have much time to play with those πŸ™‚

The social environment within the interns led me to drive a little off course when reaching the final destination (the end of my internship).

Lastly, I must thank all of my team members and especially Can HΓΌzmeli, the ‘buddy’ that was assigned to me for the course of the internship voyage; as they have all helped me out as much as they could.

Overall, I was quite happy here πŸ™‚ I wonder if I will start working here when I graduate.

By the way, I have finished my university course registrations yesterday; though I’ve just learned that I need to go to school and have the instructors of the master level courses sign a document regarding their acceptance of me (a license student) to their class.

Update: I got them signed! One of the instructors didn’t want me to take their course as it would be very hard without even taking the elementary versions of this course. (Well, the elementary ones are only opening in the second term, and I want this course πŸ™‚ ) However, I got the permission due to my stubbornness πŸ˜‰

I don’t know; maybe I will drop this one during the add-drop period. Time will show.. Let’s see..

Anyway, these are the latest news.. I guess I will have some more time for my side projects after this Friday..

See ya!


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