Dropbox – Personal SVN system?

I have always wanted to synchronize my files between computers seamlessly. I even thought of developing an application for it myself.. In fact, I was going to, at the first chance I get! However, I just found a pretty good freeware. (well only the 2 gb version is free; but hey, it is pretty good right?)

Dropbox Logo

You can upload your files to your Dropbox either from the web interface, or by simply copying them to your Dropbox folder after installing the application. Any change you make on this folder is instantaneously mirrored on the web interface and other Dropbox installations on other computers.

Dropbox also supports Mac, PC, and Linux. Thus, it is basically platform-independent in the sense that it supports all major platforms.

Dropbox is essentially a backup storage and file synchronization system; however we may also call it a personal SVN system as it supports versioning of your files. Dropbox’s tight explorer integration, instantaneous sync, public folder feature to share your files with others, versioning system and ease of use makes it unique and innovative.

Dropbox was on closed beta for some time and they have just launched a public beta last week or so!

Go ahead and try it; you won’t get disappointed 😉  Update: Use this link while registering to get 0.25 GB more data space!

There will also be premium accounts which have more space available soon. A 50 GB Dropbox will cost $9.99/monh or $99.99/year.


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