Get the 200$ MindMap program for free!!

Ok, I haven’t actually tried it yet;(I’m downloading it right now) but it seemed a good enough deal to let you know about this.

"ConceptDraw MINDMAP is business and personal productivity software that combines the most commonly used methods of listing and organizing information within single productivity toolbox:

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A method that accepts a variable number of parameters in C#

This may be old news to you, but I have learned the existence of something like that in C# just now.

C# offers a very elegant solution to this problem with something called parameter arrays.

The signature of the method should be something like this:

void PassDynamicNumberofParameters (params int[] parameters)

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Interesting paper about Sentence Recognition

Last week, I was skimming through some research papers about Artificial Intelligence for an assignment at our AI course at university. One paper caught my attention; (I am sure there were dozens more interesting topics, but this was the first one) it was a paper about "Sentence Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks" written by Maciej Majewskia, and Jacek M. Zuradab.

It uses artificial neural networks (ANN) for natural language text reasoning. The goal is to recognize sentences in natural language with similar meanings but different lexico-grammatical patterns.

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