Interesting paper about Sentence Recognition

Last week, I was skimming through some research papers about Artificial Intelligence for an assignment at our AI course at university. One paper caught my attention; (I am sure there were dozens more interesting topics, but this was the first one) it was a paper about "Sentence Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks" written by Maciej Majewskia, and Jacek M. Zuradab.

It uses artificial neural networks (ANN) for natural language text reasoning. The goal is to recognize sentences in natural language with similar meanings but different lexico-grammatical patterns.

I thought it was cool because in the future communication between humans and computers will be possible and sentences in natural language will also probably be the most important way of communication. This research lays some foundations for it.

It also has a good performance. Sentence meaning recognition rate as a set of words recognized earlier was in the range 92-99% and the median was 96%.It also provides resistance to human errors which will inevitably exist.

It uses neural networks and several modules to achieve this function and the networks use a training file consisting of words or patterns of possible meaningful sentences.

If you are interested, and want more information, you could look this paper up in research databases in which your university has access to. I don’t remember the database name right now though, sorry. It could be ScienceDirect, look it up in there first.

AI is an interesting course; however I think I will drop it in the next few days. That is because I just started working part-time and it could potentially become a bottleneck on my performance.(I already have many advanced level courses) Anyway, I could make up for it by taking "Machine Learning" next semester I guess.

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