List of essential Windows Processes

  • System Idle Process
  • explorer.exe
  • services.exe
  • winlogon.exe
  • taskmgr.exe
  • spoolsv.exe
  • lsass.exe
  • csrss.exe
  • smss.exe
  • (Multiple Instances) svchost.exe¬†-> controls connections to the internet
  • If you kill any of the other processes, Windows XP should work fine, however, the list I gave contains the processes that may, if killed, make Windows unstable or even crash it entirely.


    Notepad++ Regular Expression Usage

    Did you know that you can use regular expressions in Notepad++? Well, it sure comes in handy sometimes.

    If you don’t know what a regular expression is; here is a quick intro for you:

    A regular expression (regex for short) is a special text string for describing a search pattern.

    We, as software developers, use it a LOT! Many software applications and programming  languages support regular expressions. You can often accomplish with a single regular expression in one or a few lines of code what would otherwise take dozens or hundreds.

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    Nokia’s new touchphone N97

    As a proud user of N95, the news of a touchphone geared with the latest capabilities of the N Series caught my eye.

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