Quake Live – missed the good ol’ Quake 3?

I just started playing Quake Live, which is actually very much like Quake 3 except not as a game you buy and first install to your computer; but as a web browser game! Wow =)


It was already functional in 2008, however it was an invitation-only closed beta at that time. On February 24, 2009; they unlocked the doors, and started an Open Beta!

Quake Live uses an updated version of the id Tech 3 engine; however they are only minor updates. As far as I have seen, no big graphical changes, except the HUD.

At this point, it only playable on Windows on IE 7/8 and Firefox 2/3; however, Linux and Mac support is coming soon; stay tuned!

I registered to the site when the Open Beta started actually, but wasn’t able to play it because of my company’s firewall :/ (Well, eventually I found a way around it 🙂 ) Another point worth mentioning is that, at that time, they had problems due to HUGE stress put on the servers by the enthusiastic users, so they put up a queuing system which you had to wait for about 15.000 users in order to play the game 😀 (There isn’t a queuing system right now, they solved the problem)

After registration, you will play a quick match against Crash for the game to analyze your skill level, and give you opponents that match your level. This way, everyone would be happy! The game is automatically downloading new maps and updates to files, as you are even playing the game.


Well, probably the best thing about it is that it is FREE and that you can play it wherever you go! 😀

Now, go and get fragging!


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