Etkinlik: Web Teknolojileri Gunu

Ülkemizin iki saygın bilişim topluluğu CETURK ve Ceviz.Net‘ten güçbirliği.

CETURK ve Ceviz.Net Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Bilişim Kulübü (COMPEC) desteğiyle Web Teknolojileri Günü düzenliyor.

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Utilizing Human Computational Power by Games?

I just watched this great video of a Google Tech Talk by Luis von Ahn; who is a professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Luis von Ahn developed reCAPTCHA, a new form of CAPTCHA that also helps digitize books. In reCAPTCHA, the images of words displayed to the user come directly from old books that are being digitized; they are words that optical character recognition could not identify and are sent to people throughout the Web to be identified. He also was awarded many fellowships and awards like the MacArthur Fellowship (a.k.a., the "genius award").

He came up with really interesting thoughts on how to use humans to identify and tag images on Google’s image database, and more importantly, how to do it for free! 🙂 When people play, they help label images on the Web with descriptive keywords. These keywords can be used to significantly improve the accuracy of image search. There are, of course, algorithms behind to prevent cheating and to prevent wrong tags.

This talk introduces a paradigm for utilizing human processing power to solve problems that computers cannot yet solve. The idea is to make the people want to help this verification process by actually turning it into an enjoyable and fun game!

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