Change display language of a non Ultimate/Enterprise version of Windows Vista

So.. if you are here, you probably bought your laptop from a country different from the one you are originating from and want to change it to your local language.

Hmm.. So you google a bit and realize that you can’t do that unless you are using an Ultimate/Enterprise version of Vista. Well, there is an unofficial way to achieve your aim.

Note: This probably violates the EULA of Microsoft, so carry on at your own risk.


Step 1. Go here and download Vistalizator. (Get the beta version if you are using Vista SP2 or Windows 7 RTM.)

Step 2. Download a language pack that suits your operating system from the same site, open Vistalizator, and add the new language pack you’ve downloaded by pointing to it and install it in Internal mode.(You can only do this once, but installing it in Express mode requires some attention afterwards, so if you are able to install in Internal mode, choose that.)

Note: Have a look at the LIP language packs if you can’t find your language. In this case, download the English language pack, install it, and then install the LIP language pack afterwards.

Step 3. Select Yes when the program asks you if you want to enable the language pack. Close the application, and it will tell you to restart.

Step 4. Oh damn! Windows Update doesn’t work anymore(and also some translation problems in Windows Search)! :@ Ok ok, no worries.

Download Windows Update Agent for 32-bit or 64-bit, and install it.

Download Windows Search 4.0 for 32-bit Vista SP1 or 64-bit, and install it.

Restart again if it asks you to.

That is all, there you go! Have fun!


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