Recently, about a week ago, I wrote a philosophical essay incorporating ideas from Postmodernism for the fulfillment of a mandatory course that I had, Philosophy of Science. It is pretty interesting as a thought experiment.

The title of my essay was “An attempt at understanding the postmodern discourse on “reality”, the meaning of life, death, dreams and love”

Pretty deep, you think? Yeah, it really is.

So what is postmodernism?

It is a philosophical system in which even its proponents do not state that they are indeed postmodernists. 🙂 However, we can attempt to define it by its destabilization of concepts such as “presence, identity, historical progress, epistemic certainty, and the univocity of meaning”.[1]

So, to exemplify; I do not exist, and I am not writing this post. I am not in my room right now. In fact, where I am can’t be known, it is ultrasubjectivised. They are only there as symptoms, symptoms of me trying to achieve writing another blog post.

OK; I will not go in deeper 🙂 If that seemed interesting to you, do some googling. You’ll be amazed at how many movies we’ve come to watch had these kinds of ideas within them.

It may also have seemed bullshit, in which case, just ignore it 😉



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