Always Use Google SSL Search in Chrome

You know what Google SSL Search is right?

By using SSL, your search results would be encrypted on the communication channel between Google and your computer. So an attacker on the same network you are on will not be able see what you are searching for.

NOTE: Google can, of course, still see what you are searching for =) So beware, they might be watching you 😛

Another thing to mention is that your browser referers would be disabled, so the website you go from Google SSL search will not be able to know that you came from Google, searching for a specific keyword to his/her website.

Thus, it is indeed a good idea to make this the default choice. For security and privacy.

Alright, here is how to do it. It is very simple.

Just go to Options->Basics->Default Search, edit Google and copy the URL.

Create a new search engine named Google SSL and paste the URL that we’ve copied before into the URL field.

Delete the part {google:baseURL} and instead write “”

That’s it, and now when you search by using the omnibar, it will automatically use the SSL search.

Of course, if you have Google as the homepage of your browser and you are used to searching from there instead of the omnibar the first time your browser starts, you might also want to change the homepage to “”.

Nothing here that justifies a blog post you say? Well, first, I am a bit lagging behind on the posts, so I wanted to post something. Second, yeah it is very simple but maybe you just never have thought of making it default? Surely you won’t remember to type the URL every time you want to search something.


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