Filtering Unwanted Projects In Eclipse

Well, after a while developing on Eclipse; you seem to have a lot of projects in your Package Explorer.

Yep; you can filter them by clicking on the "View Menu" icon(or by pressing Ctrl+F10) and selecting the "Filters…" option from there; but all you get is to filter projects that you don’t want to see.

What if I want to filter the projects that I want to see? Yeah, I know, they probably wanted you to create a Working Set and filter the projects according to that.(Which is a good way of achieving this purpose by the way)

Still though, do you want to be able to filter the projects that you wanted to see?(and still be able to filter using Working Sets of course)

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Java IDEs

Recently, I needed to head out into the Java environment to write servlets, jsps, and JME applications for a project that I am enrolled in at my internship. So I looked up for IDEs(integrated development environment) to work with. I have used Eclipse and NetBeans until now and I think NetBeans is the best based on my experience and the articles that I have read on the internet. I really don’t know why Eclipse is known around so much better than NetBeans. The NetBeans IDE comes with sample applications for EJB, UML, JSF. And also you can develop JSF applications visually with the editor.

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