*Solution* – Cannot connect BlackBerry to Desktop Manager

Well, I am able to connect it the first time around, but when I unplug the USB cable and then later want to re-connect it with my laptop, I cannot.
It gets stuck while trying to connect showing the text "Connecting to device.." on the phone.

Yep, it works fine if I restart my OS, but I don’t want to do that since it is a waste of time. Fortunately, we have another option. Solving the problem by doing what restarting the OS does.

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*Solution* – BlackBerry JDE does not generate the alx file

Yep, this happened to me as well. When I clicked on Project->Generate ALX file; nothing happens. No notification, nothing.
But the truth is, the ALX file is just a simple XML file. So, you can actually create it yourself.

Just copy and paste the text below into a file named <appName>.alx; modify the necessary sections,(the most important is the <files> tag) and just use the Desktop Manager to install it.

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