Recently, about a week ago, I wrote a philosophical essay incorporating ideas from Postmodernism for the fulfillment of a mandatory course that I had, Philosophy of Science. It is pretty interesting as a thought experiment.

The title of my essay was “An attempt at understanding the postmodern discourse on “reality”, the meaning of life, death, dreams and love”

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Opportunity vs. Idealism

Last friday, I quit my current part-time job where I have been working for the last year and a month. Why did I do it?, some people ask.
Well, it certainly was a hard decision. They actually allowed me to be a full-time employee and also go on with my masters education at Sabancı University(SU). (..and, it is probably one of the best companies to work for in Turkey)

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Comparison of Features of Android Phones on the Market

Here is a list of Google Android Phones on the market and the info I gathered on them from the internet. Rather than visiting a lot of sites to get this info; -which I have done myself- I thought it would be handy for them to be all in one page.

So here it is 🙂





General Mobile DSTL1 Imaginary


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