My internship coming to an end…

My internship at Turkcell Teknoloji, the R&D firm of the Turkey’s leading mobile phone operator, Turkcell is ending this Friday…

Turkcell Teknoloji

I don’t know if I will be continuing as a part-time employee here and I haven’t been proposed any official offer about that yet. Actually there were some talks among the team, however my school not giving me enough time to continue them both prevented me from saying something concrete about my decision whether to stay or not. Uh, well, I wanted to take some master level courses; I guess I am to be blamed.

All things considered, It was pretty productive here; and for the most part of the internship period; my learning was quite efficient.(blame those billiards and ping pong for the last week! 🙂 )

The great atmosphere here led me to learn about a lot of topics;

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