Enable/Disable /Change IE Proxy by script/programmatically

Ok. You know the drill, you need to use the company’s proxy server at work and at home you don’t need a proxy server.(or you use another one)

Well, do you really want to open up IE and go into Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings->Proxy Server to change the address or disable/enable it?

(You can actually open Internet Options from Control Panel without opening up IE, but anyway, it still is a long process.)

As everything useful is done in Registry in Windows, we again have some registry scripts.

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Change Tomcat Port

I just needed to do this, since Oracle 10g XE Web Interface also listens on port 8080.

After a quick lookaround in its folders, I found a way.

So here is how it is done:

Stop Tomcat.

Go to <Your Tomcat Directory>/conf/

Edit server.xml there.

There will be a Connector tag there.

<Connector port=”8082” protocol=”HTTP/1.1″
redirectPort=”8443″ />

Change its port attribute to anything you like; in my case it is 8082 as you can see.

Restart Tomcat.