*Solution* – BlackBerry Media Player shows the RTSP stream just fine but my application does not

Chances are that you are viewing the RTSP stream using Wi-Fi on the media player(just disable Wi-Fi from "Manage Connections" and try again?), but if you do not specify this to your application when connecting, you will not be able to watch the stream.

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*Solution* – Cannot connect BlackBerry to Desktop Manager

Well, I am able to connect it the first time around, but when I unplug the USB cable and then later want to re-connect it with my laptop, I cannot.
It gets stuck while trying to connect showing the text "Connecting to device.." on the phone.

Yep, it works fine if I restart my OS, but I don’t want to do that since it is a waste of time. Fortunately, we have another option. Solving the problem by doing what restarting the OS does.

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*Solution* – BlackBerry JDE does not generate the alx file

Yep, this happened to me as well. When I clicked on Project->Generate ALX file; nothing happens. No notification, nothing.
But the truth is, the ALX file is just a simple XML file. So, you can actually create it yourself.

Just copy and paste the text below into a file named <appName>.alx; modify the necessary sections,(the most important is the <files> tag) and just use the Desktop Manager to install it.

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*Solution* – When I right click a file in Windows explorer.exe crashes

Right Click MenuI just had this annoying problem which seems to only happen when I right click *some, but not all* files. If you also have this problem, you have come to the right place because I actually found a way to solve it! 🙂

Right Click Menu

The problem is that one of your shell extensions has some problems loading when you right click on those particular files. Just install ShellExView and you will be able to see all your shell extensions. All you have to do is just disable the shell extensions of those applications that you have recently installed. Do it one by one, and you will find which extension is causing up the damn trouble! In my case it was the latest version of TortoiseSVN, but people around seem to be also having problems with other software too.

Normally, I would recommend using Fast Explorer 2008, as it also has the ability to show all extensions residing on your system and *more*; but what it doesn’t have is the ability to sort the shell extensions by their “File Created Time”. IMO, this is a great feature to have in an application like this. So I am hailing the developers from here to also include it 🙂

As always, there may happen to be another cause for these explorer crashes, although these are the most popular one as far as I have seen.

Oh and by the way, here is a more detailed walkthrough if you need any more help.

Strange problem on Windows and How I solved it

2 days ago; I have encountered a very strange problem. Out of nowhere, Windows started to report errors while writing to the disk and told me to run chkdsk.

Well, I did. It said that it solved some problems associated with the file system. After a while, it started popping up errors in the file system again.. Since I haven’t restarted the system in a while (I always use it in standby mode, even my desktop :p) I thought a restart could solve some problems.

After I restarted, the file system was gone.. It turned into a RAW file system. I discovered this after I inserted my Bart’s PE live cd. I actually intended to use the live cd to backup my files to my external hard drive, but I could not access my boot partition.

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